Top 6 Moments at 2013 AMA’s

1. Lady Gaga, R. Kelly & good ‘ol Taytay… just chillen. Totally normal.  Lady Gaga also put on a pretty fun performance with R. Kelly later in the night:

2. Rihanna winning the first ever AMA Iconic award and having it be presented by her mother.  Such a sweet moment!

3. Ariana Grande showed her talent in her first award performance & received a standing ovation.

4. Jennifer Lopez struts & salsas – she looked better than ever!

5. TLC sings “Waterfalls” with Lil’ Mama & pays tribute to member, Left Eye. Nostalgia:

6. Miley Cyrus & a Cat.  Not a bear this time.  Her lip-synching duet partner gained so much attention and we can’t help but add to it.  Creepy or cute?

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