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From the beach to the boudoir, Beach Bunny Swimwear’s 2012 Model Search winner, Melissa Bolona, joins the LOVE|HAUS team on its exciting new journey into the world of lingerie.

She has a down to earth personality, a kick-ass bod and a passion for charity work (not to mention she’s a dog lover… SOLD).  There was no denying, Melissa Bolona not only made a great addition to our Beach Bunny family, but as the muse of LOVE|HAUS lingerie & its first ever campaign model.

Meet her and the rest of our LOVE|HAUS team in the video below:


Where were you when you found out you won Beach Bunny’s model search? 
I was actually getting ready to walk to school and I found out and could barely contain my excitement in class—it really was a thrilling moment.

Who was the first person you called? 
I called my sister who has been asking me every day when I am going to find out! She was very excited for me and it meant a lot to me.

We hear you are making your acting debut in the TV show remake of The Saint! Do you prefer acting over modeling? 

They are both a lot of fun and two different roles. I love the glam or modeling and seeing yourself in a different light. But with acting you test how much you can let loose and be someone else which is also very entertaining.

Do you take any of the skills you have learned in modeling with you to acting? If so, which ones and why have they helped? 

Funny enough I have learned that acting is a bit of an opposite to modeling so I actually try to be unaware of my modeling skills because in order to be a successful actor you cannot be aware of the camera, whereas in modeling you are totally camera aware.

Congrats on your upcoming graduation from Pace university! Do you have any advice on how to balance acting and modeling while still trying to get good grades? What keeps you sane? 

My dogs keep my sane! They give me enjoyment and happiness every single day. In order to balance things you really have to focus and you have to want it. Both school and my career are important to me so I am really buckling down to finish this last semester and have my diploma.

What is something that no one knows about you? 
I am a pretty open book, but many people do not know that I am a decent artist! I love painting and I do some pretty cool artwork.

Do you have any nicknames from childhood that just stuck? 
I got called “cookie” and “Melvin” a lot. Both have stuck to a degree, cookie for my love of cookies; and Melvin for being a bit of a tomboy.

What is your guilty pleasure? 
Italian food! It’s pretty irresistible!

Do you have a favorite go-to snack? 
I love apples dipped in peanut butter, it’s delicious and apparently great for your metabolism!

Where do you find inspiration for your personal style? 
I love looking at fashion blogs; I admire the style of Rosie-Huntington Whitely and Miranda Kerr.

What is your favorite accessory to wear on a trip regardless of where you are going? 
A leather jacket! Somehow it always works.

What is the most random thing you carry in your bag with you? 
I am constantly finding random items that end up in there! An intentional random item I keep with me is probably dog chew toys; I never know when I will need them!

Do you have any tips/tricks of the trade to looking your best in a photo? 
An old tip I learned is to always tilt your head slightly and never look directly into the camera.

What is your favorite style of swimsuits this season? 

I am loving bright, fun colors! The whole cut-out and color-blocking look is right up my alley.

What is the most extreme beauty look you have modeled? 
Probably for an editorial where they use a lot of extreme make-up, hair, and outfits; but nonetheless a lot of fun to see yourself in a different light!

Which location is next on your ‘must visit’ list and why? 
Thailand! I want to see a naturally beautiful place and I hear they have incredibly nice people and gorgeous beaches. I also want to ride an elephant!

What is your biggest dream for your career in modeling? 
My biggest dream is to become successful on my own two feet and to help people in need along the way. To be someone of influence and use it for positive must be a very rewarding feeling.

To see Melissa Bolona’s 2012 Beach Bunny Swimwear Campaign photos,
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